It’s a start!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on January 7, 2010 by bobbayne

As any normal guy, I like gadgets, toys, trucks, motorcycles and tech stuff.  I try to limit my urges though.  I spend hours researching my next gadget.  I want to get the most out of my gadget.  Gadgets like cell phones, cameras and computers are no brainers today, but gadgets like video games and hand held video games they are challenging…for me.  I have probably spent too much money and not enough time on those gadgets and now they sit around collecting dust.  So my next gadget doesn’t involve money only time.  That gadget is a blog.  I haven’t spent very much time researching, only contemplating.  I have no idea from day to day or week to week what I will say.  But I plan on giving it a go.  So here I am starting a blog.

I will try to get something here weekly or more.  I hope that when I share my opinion my blog doesn’t offend or breaks any rules, remember I am sharing a thought and we can learn from other peoples thoughts. We do not have to adopt these thought just learn from them.  I will try to keep it clean but I must admit my opinions when I share them can be extreme.  I promise I will share my opinion and I will share my adventures from the road.  I will share my photos from my adventures, but these photos may have nothing to do with my post.  They are there for the duality of my gadget and that is my blog.

I currently follow blogs of interest to me and they range from motorcycles (mostly Harley Davidson), to the gadgets I currently own like my iPhone to tattoos, sports and interesting people (not celebrities).  I have learned plenty from other people’s blogs.  So please if you have stopped by help me by making comments I will need the help.